“Art is the spirit of life”

“East Streams Arts” is involved in Art trading with a particular focus on Asian Artists, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Indonesians. These paintings can be acquired by contacting us through this website. All our paintings are original from the Artists.

We are also developing partnerships with selected Asian Artists to promote their work around the world.

Through local partnership “East Streams Arts” can also customise painting on demand.

Please address your enquiries to  “enquiry@eaststreamsadvisory.com” or contact through this website or Whatsapp +65 92979095

Chinese contemporary

Submarine 2

       Vietnamese Contemporary

Version 2

Dimitri Bouchene (Russian 1893-1993)


Indonesian Basoeki Abdullah


Bui Le Trang (Vietnamese Contemporary)


Kys (French contemporary)


WPdB (Contemporary)



Chinese Contemporary

IMG_0086 2