East Streams_Support Foreign Companies_ShippingSince 1980’s, Asia recorded an impressive economic growth. The rise of Asia has transformed the global economic landscape drastically over the past few decades. Companies based in developed markets have explored the implications of Asian overseas expansion and are trying to figure out responses that will both anticipate change in global competition and maximize new opportunities.

East Streams focuses on the Asian Market and provides consultancy services for Asian and non-Asian Companies. We provide Asian Market entry services and comprehensive logistic planning to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target market.

Is your Company willing to explore the Asian Market but not to invest in its own office and personnel at the first stage?

  • East Streams will support your marketing in Asia for a fraction of the cost of your own set-up in Singapore.
    • Investigation of market’s parameters.
    • Identification of the potential Customer base.
    • Marketing of products and Services to the most probable customers.

Is your Company ready to consider opening it’s own office in Singapore?

  • East Streams will assist in incorporating your operating business in Singapore.
  • East Streams will assist in identifying and sourcing the right personnel for your business.

East Streams’ support to foreign Companies is provided to any type of business whether related to Shipping or not providing our Team can add a true value to it.

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