1. What experience does East Streams Advisory provide?

  • East Streams was privately founded and brings more than 30 years of experience in Shipping logistics, Commercial and Customers’ relationships in the Energy industry (Oil, Chemicals, etc).
  • East Streams also provides more than 25 years of experience in building Commercial Teams for Shipping in different parts of the world, which includes 19 years in Asia.

2. What’s East Streams Advisory’s Network?

  • Oil, Gas and Chemicals Majors on a global basis.
  • Multiple actors of the Shipping and Transportation Industry.
  • Long-term network built over the years with Shipping Companies.

3. Our definition of ‘Added Value’?

  • Understanding of Customer’s business and needs.
  • Sharing our own global experience with focus on Asia.
  • Research for the most cost-effective and reliable solution.
  • Process transparency.
  • “Out of the box” thinking.

4. How does East Streams Advisory support foreign business development in South East Asia?

  • We only accept projects where we can provide reliable and professional support.
  • Extensive South East Asian experiences.
  • Established wide network in the region.
  • East Streams can be used by foreign companies as their Asian “antenna”.
  • East Streams can support foreign companies to establish themselves in Singapore.

5. Can East Streams Advisory support countries other than South East Asia?

  • East Streams Advisory will strive to find the right channel for other Asian countries.
  • If the channel cannot be considered as efficient enough, customers will be advised of all pros and cons before committing to the assignment.

6. East Streams Advisory’s definition Partnership?

  • Once assigned a task, East Streams Advisory will act and perform in full transparency as a part of its Customers’ Team.