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East StreamsĀ 
can support a wide number of shipping related services, through marketing these specific services to the Shipping industry. You benefit our Team’s actual shipping and maritime experience, enabling to convince Customers of your true Services Value.


Shipping related services:

  • Bunkering:
    • Sourcing of bunkers in various place of the world.
    • Proposal for full bunkers’ management.
  • Technical Ship-Management:
    • Through our vessel’s technical management direct connection.
  • Medical Assistance to Seafarers:
    • Medical assistance in case of injuries.
    • Onboard pharmacy management.
    • Personnel’s evacuation management.
    • Cost Management in case of evacuation and hospitalisation.
  • Marketing Courses Coaching:
    • Coaching focused on Customers’ specific business.
    • Specific Marketing Method for Commercial departments and marketing personnel.
    • True evaluation of accurate services’ “pricing”.
  • Safety behaviour Coaching:
    • Commercial Vessels’ Crew.
    • Offshore installation’s personnel.
  • Tanks Cleaning expertise and support:
    • Chemical Tankers.

Shipping Services- East Streams