Since the beginning of the 80’, Asia has recorded an impressive evolution. Such a rise has drastically transformed the global economical and cultural balance. The region is now performing at equal level and often over-performing the rest of the world, combining high-tech modernity with traditional know-how.

Why East Streams?

East Streams has identified these swings as a favourable field to develop its activities and capitalise on its founder’s passion and extensive experience of the Maritime industry as well as the Arts sector.

East Streams Arts

East Streams Arts is pleased to share our passion and expertise about different forms of Arts with a focus on high quality Ship Models manufactured by expert Artisans combining East Streams expertise with local ancestral know-how. East Streams also promotes original Art Painting and Bronzes Sculptures created in Vietnam, China, Thailand and Indonesia. .

East Streams Advisory

East Streams Advisory focuses on the Asian Market and provides consultancy services for Asian and non-Asian Companies. We provide Asian Market entry services and comprehensive shipping logistic planning to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target market

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