Custom-made models


They are many reason why businesses such as yours might need custom-made aircraft models. In the aircraft industry, we know how much models can mean. They are the perfect gift to a client and are seen as a mark of respect and trust. Although we are only starting to accept aircraft models project at East Streams Art, we have plenty of experience in the field and invite you follow to our Instragram page to see more!



Concorde British Airways

East Stream Arts

Material : Wood

Scale : 1/102

Size :  62cm / 24 inches 

Finition : high quality lacquer


Concorde is a tailless aircraft design with a narrow fuselage permitting a 4-abreast seating for 92 to 128 passengers, an ogival delta wing and a droop nose for landing visibility. It is powered by four Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 turbojets with variable engine intake ramps, and reheat for take-off and acceleration to supersonic speed. Constructed out of aluminium, it was the first airliner to have analogue fly-by-wire flight controls. The airliner could maintain a supercruise up to Mach 2.04 (2,167 km/h; 1,170 knots; 1,347 mph) at an altitude of 60,000 ft (18.3 km).

Douglas Sky Raider

South Vietnamese Airforces

Material : Wood

Scale : 1/35

Size :  43cm / 16,9 inches (wingspan)


The Douglas A-1 Skyraider (formerly known as the AD Skyraider) is an American single-seat attack aircraft in service from 1946 to the early 1980s, which served during the Korean War and Vietnam War. The Skyraider had an unusually long career, remaining in front-line service well into the Jet Age (when most piston-engine attack or fighter aircraft were replaced by Jet aircraft). It has a tail height of 5.3 meters and a wheelbase of 6.8 meters.  The aircraft is powered by a single Wright R-3350-26WA Duplex-Cyclone engine. This airplane model made in plain-wood (Burmese rosewood) with high quality laquer paint finish. The scale is 1/35 (43 cm Wingspan). Whoever is interested by an order of one or several units, please contact us at:

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