Bringing your vision to life

Building a ship with us

At East Streams Arts we have developed a no-nonsense approach to ship model projects. 

Relying on years of experience in the business, state of the art craftmanship and  a holistic understanding of ship modeling, we believe that the most important matter is your vision and how we can realistically materialize your ideas into reality.

Share your vision

Contact us to share your project with details about the type of ship you are looking for and at what scale. You can add photos, plans and any relevant material that will help us assess your needs and understand your vision.

Review your plans

Ship model project can be complicated and you might need some expert advices and additional resources. We will help you conceptualize your project with the help of 3D mapping if needed.

Quotation & Final plan

With additional information from you, we will determine quality levels and quantities based on your plans and material provided for the ship conceptualization. Once the model envisioned, you will receive an ESA quotation with all the information needed.

Sample Production

After reaching an agreement, we will launch the production process for a sample model. This sample will allow us to revise the project and
ensure optimal quality and high fidelity to your vision.

Sample Evaluation

It can take more than one try before getting the desired end product, this is why we put great importance in this step and will work on the sample as many time as it is required to deliver high quality ship models aligned with your vision of the project and conceptualization.

Finalize & Delivery

Following final evaluation and approval of the Sample model, we will proceed with the final order. From this moment, production of the required quantity is launched and all order information will be finalized. 

You Can Trust our Delivery Methods...



We use wooden boxes for delivery in addition to polystyrene protections inside to ensure safety even in the hardest travel conditions. 


The models have removables parts and all components are wrapped up and packed separately reducing the risk of damaging during travel.


We work with a professional international carrier company known for its trusted delivery process ensuring optimized travel transport.

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