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They are many reason why businesses such as yours might need custom-made ship models. From marketing collateral for your clients to new products for your museum shop or even remembrance models for your crew association, ship models have a fascinating influence on people and hold an important role in transmitting a certain vision, common values and emotions. 


Canot Imperial Napoleon 1er

Naval Museum

Material : Wood

Scale : 1/30

Size :  66 cm /    26 inches


The Emperor’s Long-boat, a superb 18-meter long vessel, built in 1810 on the occasion of Napoleon I’s visit to the port of Antwerp, had won the arsenal of Brest in 1814, only to leave it only in 1943 to escape Great Britain’s bombings during WWII.

The engineer Guillemard provides the plans for the boat, while the master Théau, from Granville, supervises the construction. The decorative elements are entrusted to the Antwerp sculptor Van Petersen. In just 21 days the boat is ready. It is over 18 meters long: the rear third is dominated by a spacious deckhouse to accommodate the personalities, while the rowers occupy all the rest of the space. Its decor is of simple beauty and represents well the Empire style impulsed by Napoleon’s reign.

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