Custom-made models


They are many reason why businesses such as yours might need custom-made commercial ship models. In the shipping industry, we know how much ship models can mean. They are the perfect gift to a client and are seen as a mark of respect and trust. Although we are only starting to accept commercial ship models project at East Streams Art, we have plenty of experience in the field and invite you follow to our Instragram page to see more!

commercial ship models



Truong Minh Success

BRS Group

Material : Wood

Scale : 1/250

Size :  80 cm /  31 inches


Ship Model made for the French ship broker BRS, Material wood scale 1/250 (80 cm). Truong Minh Success is the former bulk carrier “Sailing Sky” sold to the Vietnamese shipping company TRUONG MINH. She is a 61,000 dwt metric ton ship of 199.9 meters LOA.

Lady Deena

BRS Group

Material : Wood

Scale : 1/400

Size :  73 cm /  28,7 inches


Ship Model made for the account of the French broker BRS. 

LADY DEENA is a Bulk Carrier that was built in 2020 (1 year ago) and is sailing under the flag of Panama. It’s carrying capacity is 182588 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 11.6 meters. Her length overall is 292 meters and her width is 45.05 meters.

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