The passion that drives us

Our Story

Where it started

Wladimir, East Streams Arts founder, has always had a passion for ships. After more than 30 years working in the shipping industry and as much developing ship models for his own he decided to share his passion through East Streams Arts.

A passion impulsed by a Ship model industry in lack of quality models at reasonable prices or inversely, in rise of discounted prices for very low quality. As craftsmanship for this niche market disappears, prices for quality models sky rocket and options of custom modelling become more scare.


The Passion that drives us

Working with some of the best workshops in Vietnam, we have developed strong relations with the ship modelling industry putting state of the art craftsmanship at your service to create truly unique high quality models.

Following a strict business line focused on quality, sustainability and customization, ESA developed a customer-centric approach answering the needs of an holistic client base. What you can imagine, we can create.

Our Team

We are passionated about what we do and thrive to bring you the best East Streams Arts experience.


Wladimir Pallu de Beaupuy

Lead Consultant & Founder - Vietnam & Singapore

Wladimir Pallu de Beaupuy has an extensive experience in Logistic, Maritime, Oil and Gas Projects as well as marketing of Services to the Maritime industry. Wladimir held Senior Management positions in major industry’s players such as IMC Industrial Group, McQuilling Brokerage Partners Asia, AET Tankers, Brostrom Tankers, Iver Ships, etc…East Streams Advisory consultancy’s Team has decades of collective knowledge and expertise enabling to support its Customers meeting their business needs both locally or abroad.

Ivan Pallu de Beaupuy

Marketing Director - France

Ivan has graduated from the University of HEC Montreal with Marketing specialisation. Ivan professional experience includes sales and sales management with Canadian resale companies and Marketing with International Consultancy companies.

Low Chee Seng

Director - Singapore

Chee Seng has more than 40 years experience in the oil/gas, refining and commercial Shipping industry. His experience includes International Oil and Gas tank storage as well as major international Shipping and brokerage Companies. His “out of the box” thinking  makes Chee Seng a key contributor to East Streams Advisory in Singapore.